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Green superfood salad


With the mercury soaring and summer showing no signs of abating it’s all about BBQ’s and light salads right now.

The BBQ has certainly been seeing lots of action this week – three in the last 4 days with more planned for the weekend. To make up for the distinct lack of BBQ’s in the miserable proceeding months I’ve really being pushing the boat out with the food: Thai monkfish skewers, that were declared “the best fish on the BBQ you’ve ever done” by my elated boyfriend; the Lamb Shawarma was undoubtedly the most tender and tastiest lamb I’ve ever tasted; and the succulent chicken satay with mango rice salad was utterly delicious. It’s going to be hard to top but I like a challenge…

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Quinoa mango, coconut & raspberry bircher


When I was growing up, my breakfast of choice was a bowl of Coco Pops drowned in full fat milk. I would race to the back door in the morning to get my hands on our daily-delivered milk before my brother could beat me to it and win the golden prize of the thick layer of creamy milk at the top of the bottle. In the winter, the robins and blue tits instinctively knew a delicious liquid breakfast awaited them with pecked holes in the foil revealing their cheeky skimming. Once the milk was poured over the Coco Pops I would impatiently sit for a few minutes with spoon in hand waiting for the chocolate coating to turn the milk brown. Then before the Pops got too soggy I would scoop them out leaving as much of the chocolate sugary milk as possible; then drink it greedily. Then in my 20s, came the bacon butties addiction, but that’s another story… Continue reading