Tropical avocado & mango salad

tropical avocado mango salad

It’s 29C outside and that’s tropical enough to inspire this gorgeous salad. After temperatures of 14C the previous week I’m determined to eat alfresco as much as is possible and when eating this sunshine salad on my terrace it certainly put a huge smile on my face. Eating mango on a sunny day makes me think of walking along idyllic, white sandy beaches but unfortunately the view from our Kilburn flat will have to do for now! This easy to make salad is just a matter of assembling the ingredients and whisking up a quick dressing so it makes an ideal light lunch, particularly on a beautiful day when you can let your wandering mind transport you to exotic destinations.

Avocados are sometimes called alligator pears and are full of healthy monounsaturated fat and fibre. They are also sometimes called the alphabet fruit because they provide your body with vitamins A, C, E, K and B6. All we need to know is that it is incredibly nourishing and are linked to a healthy heart and reducing the signs of ageing. What’s not to like! And with me fast approaching the ripe (excuse the pun) age of 40 then I can do with all the anti-wrinkle remedies I can find. With the nutrition facts over, if you’ve never tried the combination of avocado and mango before then I urge you to try. The sweet, juicy mango goes so well with the creamy and rich flavoured avocado, with the cos lettuce and spring onion providing a pleasing crunch. It’s worth making the dressing with a fresh orange as it really makes a difference and makes the whole dish sing with freshness.


1 large mango
2 ripe avocados
Half bunch spring onions
4 cos heart lettuces
Handful of fresh mint and corriander leaves

3 tbsp light olive oil
1 tspn Dijon mustard
Half orange, finely grated zest and juice
Salt and pepper

Serves 4 for lunch. 15 minutes to prepare

  1. Peel and thinly slice both the mango and avocados. Remove the outer layer from the spring onions and chop finely. Place the lettuce on 4 plates and arrange the mango, avocado and spring onion on top.
  2. Whisk the dressing ingredients in a small bowl, season and drizzle over the top of the salad. Finish with some small mint leaves (tear if big) and corriander. Serve and enjoy.

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