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Green superfood salad


With the mercury soaring and summer showing no signs of abating it’s all about BBQ’s and light salads right now.

The BBQ has certainly been seeing lots of action this week – three in the last 4 days with more planned for the weekend. To make up for the distinct lack of BBQ’s in the miserable proceeding months I’ve really being pushing the boat out with the food: Thai monkfish skewers, that were declared “the best fish on the BBQ you’ve ever done” by my elated boyfriend; the Lamb Shawarma was undoubtedly the most tender and tastiest lamb I’ve ever tasted; and the succulent chicken satay with mango rice salad was utterly delicious. It’s going to be hard to top but I like a challenge…

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Herb bulgar wheat with currants and preserved lemon


You can’t go wrong with this classic Middle-Eastern dish, with its abundance of fresh herbs, tangy zestiness and nutty grains. It’s a summer staple in my household when tomatoes are ripe and full of flavour and the bbq season is in full swing, as it makes such a great side dish – although obviously this year the season has got off to a hobbling start, with a paltry two bbq’s so far. However, even without regular bbq’s to encourage my tabbouleh consumption I still love to make it often because it’s such a healthy, fresh and lively tasting salad. Continue reading

Watermelon, prawn, feta & herb salad


My boyfriend and I recently returning from a stomach bulging trip to New York where we feasted on enormous pastrami and gherkin sandwiches, soft bagels crammed full of salt-cured smoked salmon and cream cheese and  flavoursome burgers served in rich brioche buns with finger-licking fries.

New York surpassed all expectations and I loved its energy, dramatic architecture and exploring the contrasting different neighbourhoods. And the food! The standard and variety was just incredible: Italian, Korean, Mexican and American were just some of the cuisines that we dipped into and we were continually striving to work up an appetite for the next exciting meal. I’m still heartbroken I didn’t have any room for a hearty slice of classic New York cheesecake, which was on my must-eat agenda – I tried, really tried –but I just had no room despite walking till our feet throbbed and our muscles ached. Even though we ate like kings and food was fantastic, I have returned seeking some healthy, light food. It wasn’t all burgers and pastrami sandwiches, though, and this recipe is inspired by a melon and prawn salad I ate on a hot day in a café in pristine Old Greenwich, Connecticut.

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