About me

My background
The transition to fully-fledged gourmand occurred when I moved to London in my 20s. Being exposed to new and different cuisines ignited my desire to eat and cook exciting and interesting dishes. Trying new combinations and cooking with fresh and seasonal ingredients became my passion.

My food influences are far-reaching and, like a lot of cooks, draw on a wealth of different worldwide cuisines and inspirations to produce delicious dishes. I try to cook with the seasons and care deeply where my food comes from. I particularly love Thai, Moroccan, Middle-Eastern, Mediterranean and Spanish cuisine. 

Food philosophy
I lean towards healthy and vibrant food, but there is nothing off limits – that’s where the joy of eating lies. I could never say no to a golden caramelised apple tatin with vanilla ice cream, for instance. But I generally I want to eat food that makes me feel good and I believe taking control of our diet is crucial in our overall wellbeing: energy levels, weight, sleep and mood are all affected by what we consume. The recipes you will find here are what I love to eat – nutritious, uncomplicated, packed full of flavour and are certain to put a smile on your face.

9 thoughts on “About me

  1. Anonymous

    Mapesbury Enterprise Fair 6-9 24th. Sept. St. Gabriels Church Walm Lane. Met you (Val, I assume) this morning over fish counter… then at Breads at Farmer’s Market.. The event might interest you… who knows. Good luck.. hope barbecue is roaring success. n

    1. Anonymous

      BBQ just about to be lit – squid and mackerel all prepared. Can’t wait! I’ve just eaten a puny croissant all day so ravenous! Do you have any contact details? Thanks.

  2. Karen

    It was lovely to meet you at FBC5 and I love your blog – I am now following your culinary adventures! Karen

  3. Val McArthur Post author

    Thank you so much for your comments. It has been hugely challenging but very rewarding to follow my passion. I was working in production and project management roles in publishing and creative agencies until 2011. I was 38! Wish I’d done it sooner, that’s for sure, but very glad I did. Are you thinking of taking the plunge?

  4. thelittleloaf

    Just discovered your blog and it’s wonderful! I work in publishing and always wondered what it might be like to give it all up for a career in food…how old were you when you made the decision?


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