Photographer: Rita Platts
Props: Louie Waller

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Food styling
I have a graphic eye, show an impeccable eye for detail and bring energy and enthusiasm to every project. I have styled food from magazines and books, advertising stills and packaging, to moving images and TV. I have also presented cookery how-to videos for a fish recipe website.

Clients include: Asda, Fabulous Magazine, Men’s Health, FHM, GQ, Optimum, New England Seafood, Morrisons, The Guardian and Quarto Publishing.

Recipe testing and development
I offer a recipe developing, writing and testing service. I am passionate about writing recipes that are nutritious, taste delicious and look great too, but are easily accessible so anyone can make and enjoy them.

Cookery books and food material
With over 12 years experience in design, production and project management in publishing I am able to proof and edit copy for style, consistency and accuracy.

Mobile: 07725 476663
Email: valmcarthur@hotmail.com